can wisdom teeth cause migraines?

wisdom teeth cause migraines

Can wisdom teeth cause migraines?

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to appear in the oral cavity. At the end of the dental eruption, between approximately 17 and 21 years of age, the mouth goes through many changes.  These often cause incorrect dental positioning, generating multiple problems such as migraine. Different diagnoses can cause migraine and headache, and in order to act on the problem, it is necessary to identify it

When can we suspect that the migraine is due to the wisdom tooth?

wisdom teeth cause migraines

The first pathology that must be ruled out in the presence of migraine is the retained tooth of the third molar. It is necessary to observe the alterations that exist in the oral cavity. Any small irregularity produces modifications in the nervous system and the nerve cells of the brain. They are easily stimulated by producing electrical activity and as the activity spreads through the brain, temporarily altering various functions of the nervous system.

Tooth Migraine Treatment wisdom teeth cause migraines

Wisdom/Retained wisdom teeth that cause pain or other dental problems are usually removed (extracted) surgically. Typically, extraction of an offending tooth is required for the following:

  •   Migraines or headaches, infections, bruxism, or some disorders of the masticatory system can generate this ailment. However, those who suffer these symptoms do not relate them to oral problems.
  •     Infection or disease of the gums (periodontitis) generally occurs when the tooth has not fully erupted, causing bacteria to penetrate behind the second molar, thus initiating infection in the gum and at the same time causing pain and inflammation.
  •     Dental caries in the wisdom teeth that came out partially, this lesion is of rapid evolution because it is more difficult to have an adequate cleaning.
  • Cysts or tumors are the most frequent caused by an infection in the root (radicular cyst) or the tooth formation sac (follicular cyst). In most cases, they occur around the wisdom teeth that are not fully erupted.
  •     Constant pressure, happens when the third molars do not have enough space for their eruption in the mouth, thus causing the other teeth to move or slide, causing severe pain and alterations during the chewing function.

The wisdom molars act as a predisposing factor for problems of different dental pathologies.

Advantages of the extraction of the wisdom teeth: wisdom teeth cause migraines

The patient recovers the oral dental health when the pain caused by their growth disappears, which can cause migraine or headache caused by the wisdom tooth, improves the mobility of the mouth, improves oral hygiene, reduces the risk of infection, and eliminates the risk of deviations from the rest of the teeth.

Disadvantages of having a poorly positioned wisdom tooth: wisdom teeth cause migraines

The headache is sometimes related to the mouth. This is very rarely identified by the doctor, leading to migraine, malocclusion, jaw pain, bad breath accompanied by an unpleasant taste in the mouth, tender or bleeding gums, or crowding.

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