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Laser Teeth Whitening With Zoom

Whether for aesthetic or other reasons, it is increasingly common to want to have a perfect, white, and bright smile. All this can be achieved thanks to the advances in technology in dentistry. Now there are several procedures that help improve our smiles. Currently, there are two very common and widely-used procedures to lighten the teeth; both must be performed in the office by dentists. The two treatments act in a similar way, but some aspects make them different.


Compared to whitening done at home with whitening strips, the two most commonly used in-office treatments are laser and Zoom teeth whitening,  similar procedures requiring the use of a whitening agent endorsed by the American Dental Association. It comes in the form of a gel that with the help of light-emitting equipment, helps the substance penetrate the tooth enamel to remove stains from the tooth surface while lightening the teeth. For example, laser teeth whitening requires the application of a laser light that interacts with the gel, causing a reaction called oxidation.

Laser teeth whitening can last approximately one hour per session since the treatment is more indicated in cases where only one, two, or a few teeth are darker than the others. Therefore, the treatment will only be performed on those teeth with the application of the gel and the light done on each of them independently, making the time in the office longer. 

On the other hand, if you are looking to improve the color of all your teeth at the same time, it is advisable to have Zoom teeth whitening since the gel and the light will be applied on all your teeth at the same time.

Many people notice the results of both whitening methods after the first appointment; however, how long these results last will depend on patient care after treatment since the teeth are usually more susceptible to staining. Many times they stain again after a while, so it will be necessary to schedule other sessions after a certain time to achieve and maintain the desired shade of the teeth.

laser teeth whitening with zoom


Zoom teeth whitening is an in-office dental procedure performed by specialists. The procedure is indicated when the patient wants to improve the color of their teeth if they look very yellow, either from age, an excessive consumption of food and beverages or habits that affect the color of the teeth throughout life. For this procedure, it is necessary to use an acid that is safe and effective, which when activated with a special light will cause a chemical reaction on the tooth surface which then  lightens it.


The way in which Zoom teeth whitening works is very simple. The first thing your dentist will do is to apply a protector for the gums and lips that will ensure that these tissues are not irritated or damaged by the gel that will be placed based on hydrogen peroxide, this is the substance that will act directly on the surface of the tooth leaving them whiter and brighter. This gel will be left on the surface of the tooth for approximately 15 minutes, during this time light will be applied whose heat will cause a chemical reaction that will serve to activate the gel so that it can fulfill its function.


Zoom is an increasingly popular procedure for teeth whitening, and like laser whitening, it  is performed in the dental office by dentists. However, there are differences between the two treatments:

  • Application: unlike laser, Zoom teeth whitening is applied and will affect all the teeth at the same time so you will see immediate effects on the entire smile. While laser whitening can be applied in specific cases: i.e., it can be used if one or two specific teeth have a marked difference in color, and you want to lighten it.

  • Time: Zoom whitening sessions are short, lasting approximately 15 minutes compared to laser whitening, which generally takes one hour. this is because laser whitening is performed on the specific teeth that need to be whitened, and the process is done one by one.

  • Speed: different studies from the American Dental Association have shown that the results of Zoom whitening are faster than laser whitening, and thy can be seen after the first appointment.
  • Effects and tolerance: as Zoom whitening is faster and more effective than laser whitening, it is necessary to know that some patients, after the sessions, may present some dental sensitivity to temperature changes.


  • Safety: both treatments use safe products and equipment endorsed by the American Dental Association, but they should be applied only by specialists in the dental office. However, care must be taken  during and after the treatment. Remember that whitening should be performed only on healthy teeth, so before whitening, your dentist will require a complete examination; any cavities due to decay or other conditions should be fixed before the whitening begins.
  • Care: if you want longer-lasting results, before deciding to have your teeth whitened,consider that after treatment, your teeth are susceptible to more staining than normal, so it is advisable to avoid eating or drinking anything that may restain your teeth, especially in the first week. For example, you should avoid drinking wine, coffee, tea, dark and strongly colored sodas, as well as foods, snacks, and sweets with strong colors.
  • Effect: both laser teeth whitening and Zoom offer better results than those performed at home, but the results vary from person to person. Besides the concentration of the gel, it depends on the stains that need to be attenuated, and the acceptance and comfort of the patient between each appointment. In general, both treatments act better on brown and yellow stains;, some gray stains may be caused by trauma such as blows or drugs such as tetracyclines, and they will not respond to these whitening treatments; thus, other types of treatments such as crowns or veneers will be required.
  • Sensitivity: Another issue to take into account is sensitivity.  To solve it, your dentist will recommend the use of painkillers. All concerns will impact the right time to perform the treatment, and for the best patient compliance with the recommendations given.
  • Supplements: It is likely that your dentist may at times indicate the use of whitening trays at home to make the whitening effect last longer.
  • Duration: It should be remembered that no matter which whitening method you decide to use, none lasts forever and many patients will need to have the treatment redone every six months.


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